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Copyright 2014. Jennifer Gonzales. All rights reserved.

“It is not enough to know hair.

You must be courageous enough to do what fashion and business demand in order to improve and succeed!”


I am a communicator, a developer, and a giver. I challenge myself to deliver powerfully effective messages for others. I can see people’s lives in their eyes and help them identify what they need to prosper. I see what hinders them, and I facilitate removing these objects.

I enjoy setting the stage and stoking the fires to allow others to succeed. Those who follow behind me find it easier because of what I have done. I will break in half what I have, to share with those in need, and break the remainder in half to share with the rest. I give of my time, my energy, and my knowledge, but most of all, I give of my heart.

My desire is to spread the good fortune that has found me, and to directly improve the lives of others.